Are you moving? We can help you ship your piano to any destination in the world. We can provide you with Regional, Nation-Wide or International shipping. Contact us and let us know what you need.                  

Your going to need to find the serial number. Contact Maestro's Music Int'l  today. We can help you locate the Steinway serial  number and let you know the model, size, age and weight of your Steinway Grand piano.

Want your Steinway look NEW again? At Maestro's Music Int'l  we can refinish your Steinway any color you want. Or, we can completely rebuild your old Steinway to look like and play and sound like a new piano. Contact us for today for details.         

Want to know how old your Steinway is? Contact us. We will help you locate your Steinway's 

serial number then help you determine the age of your Steinway from that.     

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