Restore My Steinway

Complete Customized Steinway Remanufacturing Available at surprisingly affordable prices. 

Steinway Grand Pianos are considered by many to be the finest pianos in the world. A well tuned, voiced and regulated Steinway can deliver an array of colorful tone, dynamic control and ease in repetition as well as projection superior to other pianos in it's price range.    

Many experts in the piano industry agree that vintage Steinways with the genuine Steinway plate (pre-1945) from the original genuine Steinway foundry are considered the best Steinways when properly restored to a "like-new"  condition.  Contact us.        

Buying a piano can be a confusing process. If you're visiting piano dealerships a salesman from one store might claim that if your Steinway does not have Steinway factory action parts, it's not a Steinway anymore. A different dealer may have an opposing point of view.  

There are always many questions to ask and  decisions to make when you choose to have your Steinway restored. What kind of action parts to order? What finish do you want? Budget is always a factor. We can help you with your choices.               

Service is our  Plan 


For less than half the price of a new Steinway, why not get your own wonderful Steinway remanufactured  to  a "Like-New" condition. 

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