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Used Steinway Piano Prices

Restored Steinway Grand Pianos.

Steinway Grand Pianos.

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Steinway Grand Pianos.

Steinway Grand Pianos.

Steinway Grand Pianos.

Steinway Grand Pianos.


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International and Nationwide piano delivery available.

Below, is a list of restored Steinway grand pianos and used Steinway Pianos that are in good to excellent condition.  For more information about these instruments, pictures, descriptions, you must contact Maestro's Music International. Call 248-830-1430.
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A 1976 Steinway "D" full concert grand formerly owned by Vladimir Pleshakov has just went on the market. The near perfect soundboard produces a singing tone that is rich and colorful. All the action parts are in very good condition. The repetitions are original. The hammers and shanks have been updated. Iit has a light and fast touch. A good action regulation would make it even better. The original finish is in presentable condition however, some touch-up and rubbing out would make it ready for a showroom.
$35,000 as-is/where-is
It is still located in the Maestro's home on the southeast coast. It is on the first floor and there are no steps for an easy extraction. Images are available upon request.

Own this rare and remarkable Steinway for $36,500 (as-is) delivered anywhere is the continental U.S.
A 1929 6'4" Louis XV Mahagony Steinway model "A" is available as is or restored again. It was re-strung, refinished and the action was rebuilt in the 50s. Since then, the bottom of the action (the repetitions) was replace with German Steinway parts. The 1950s hammers and shanks are still there. It plays well and the sound is terrific. There is also a matching bench. Call or email Maestro's Music for more details.
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