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Although Maestro's Music specializes in Vintage Steinway grand pianos. We sometimes purchase other good quality instruments like Mason & Hamlin Grand Pianos, Yamaha pianos, Kawai pianos, Baldwin pianos etc. The following list shows instruments that we also have available.  If you don't find what you're looking for, fill out the feedback form and email us. You also have the option of calling Maestro's Music directly at: (1-248-830-1430).

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Louis VX

This very special and unique Charles Walers "Heritage" Grand piano is not only one of the higher quality pianos available today but it is an American crafted piano. The company is a family owned enterprise like Steinway used to be. The Walters family takes great pride in their pianos and it shows in the end result - beautiful furniture and beautiful sound. This "Heritage" has hand crafted legs by Mark Perry with a Louis XV look. With gorgious mahogany and a scalloped music rack, this instrument will be the focal point of any room. One of our "partner" stores has this piano and Maestro's Music will be happy to refer you to them. Call: 248-830-1430.

Mason & Hamlin B

Place cursor over picture to see the famous Mason Hamlin tension resonator...
1935 Mint condition Mason & Hamlin baby grand...

Steinway quality at an affordable price ($9,500.00)...

With the famous Mason & Hamlin tension resonator (see picture)~

Impeccable highest quality one-piece
IVORY keys!!!

Perfect sound board with excellent crown and NO cracks!!!

Action is -----LIKE-NEW------

Both a short-stick and a long-stick for the lid...

Located in Ashville NC.


Please note, through our network of new piano dealers, we can assist you with the purchase of just about any make piano you would want. Fill out the feedback form and email us or call 1-248-830-1430. Maestro's Music is a comprehensive service oriented company. We take the hassle out of buying or selling your piano.

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The following is a list of pianos or piano products that Maestro’s Music has sold or worked on thru the years: Kurzweil, Kawai, Pearl River, Petrof, Young Chang, Nordiska, Weinbach, Roland, Abel, Ackerman & Lowe, Acrosonic, Adams, C.C., Adler, AEolian, AEriola, Ainsworth, Albert, Albrecht, Alden, Aldrich, Alexander, Allen. Geo., Allen & Co., American, American Player Piano Co., Amherst, Anderson. F.P., & Co., Andrus & Co., Apollo, Apollophone, Archer, Arlington, Armstrong, Art Electric, Artistano, Artistyle, Arthur, Artola,Artolian, Artronome, Astor, Auburn, Austin Piano Co., Auto-Art, Auto Lyric, Auto-Player, Auto-Pneumatic Action Co., Autograph,Autokrat, Autola, Autopiano, Autotheme, Autotone, Bach, Bachman, Bacon, Francis, Bahnsen, Bahnson, Bailey, Baker Piano Co., Baldwin, Barklay, Barnes & Son, Barthel & Duesenberg, Bassett Bros., Bauer, Julius, Bauer & Stultz, Baumeister, Baus, Bay, H.C., Bayer Made by Koth-Bayer,Beale (Australian), Bechstein, Becker Bros., Beckerman, Beckman, Beckwith, Behning, Behr Bros., Belford, Bell & Co., Bellaire, Bellman, Belmore, Bennet-Bretz, Bennett, Bennington, Bent, Geo. P., Berkshire, Berman, Biddle Piano Co., Billings, Birns, Saul, Bishop, Bjur Bros., Blackstone, Blake, Chas. D., Blasius & Son, Bloomingdale Bros., Bluthner, Boardman & Gray, Boas, Boettcher, A.H., Bogart Piano Co., Bauer & Stullz, Boiler. P.J., Bohemian, Bond, Boston Piano, Botefur, Boudoir, Bourne, Wm & Son, Bowen, ,Bradbury, Bradford, Bradley, Brambach, Braums, Braumuller, Brent, Brewster, Briggs, Brinkerhoff, Brooks-Evans, Browning, Bruce, Bungalow, Burgess Bros., Burdett, Burgess Bros., Bush & Gerts, Bush & Lane, Butler Bros., Byron & Mauzy, Cabaret, Cable, Fayette S., Cable, Hobart M., Cable & Sons, Cable Co., Cable-Nelson, Cadwell, R.W., Caldwell, Cambridge, Cameo, Cameron, Camp & Co., Campbell, J. C., Candler, Capen, Carleton, Carlisle, Carola Inner Player, Carter, Celeste, Chandler, Channing, Charleton, Chase, A. B., Chase & Baker, Chase & Gertz, Chase Hackley, Chase & Gertz, Chauncey, Chester, Chesterfield, Chickering, Chickering & Son, Chickering Bros., Chilton-AEriola, Chippendale, Christie, Christman, Chute & Butler, Clarendon,Claritone, Clark, Clark, Melville, Clayton, Cleremont, Clinton, Clough & Warren, Coinola,Coleman, Columbia, Columbus, Commodore, Concertone, Concord, Conover, Conrad, Conreid, Continental, Convertola, Conway, Cook, Copley, Cornado, Cornish, Cote, Craig Piano Co., Craighead, Cramer, Crane, W. T., Crawford, Cremona,Crest, Crippen, Cromwell, Crown, Cumberland, Cunningham, Curtice, Curtis, Dardanella, Davenport & Treacy, Davies & Son, Davis & Son, Dayton, Decker & Son, Dekalb, Dekovan action unknown,Dennyson, Derivas & Harris, Detmer, Henry, Diacrown, Doherty Canadian, Doll, Jacob, Doll & Son, Doymarx, Drachman, Drake, Duchess, Dulcitone, Dunbar, Dunker, D. & G., Durand, Duo/Art,Duo-Concerto, Duolectra, Durham, Durrell Piano Co., Dyer & Sons, Dynacord, Eberhardt & Hays, Ebersole, Edward & Son, Eilers, Elbridge, Elburn, Elburton, Electra, Elgin, Elite, Ellar, Ellington, Ellsworth, Ellwood, Elwood, Emerald, Emerson, Entwerp, Erhard, Ernest, Estey Piano Co., Euphona, Euphonola, Eureka, Evans, Everard, Everett, Everhard, Exceltone, Exner, Faber, Fairbanks, Fairfleld, Farber, P. F., Farnery, Farny,Farney,Farrand, Farrington, Farstone, Faser, Fischer, J. & C., Fitzgerald, Fleischer & Co., Foley & Williams, Forbes, Forbes, E. E., Forrest, Foster & Co., Foster-Armstrong Co., Francesca, Francke, Franklin,Frederick, French, Jesse, Fuehr & Stremmer, Fullerton, Gabel & Sons, Gabler, Gardner, Garland, Gebhardt, Gehr, Gennett, Gerard-Heintzman,Gibbs,Gilbert, Gildmeister, Gilmore , Girard, Glaxton, Goetz & Co., Goetzmann, Gold Bell, Goldsmith, Goldwyn, Gordon & Son, Gorham, Gounod, Gourley, Winter & Leeming, Ltd., Gram, Edmund, Grau, Otto, Griffith, Griggs, Gross, Geo. P., Grinnell Bros., Gulbransen, Gulbransen-Dickinson, Grinnel Bros., Guth, Arthur E., Haddorff, Haggerty Cook, Inc., Haines, W. P., Haines Bros., Hall, Myers F., Hallet & Davis, Hamlin, Hamilton, Hammond, Hampton, Hanover, Harding, Hardman, Harmock, Harmonola, Harmony, Harmotone, Harrington, Harris & Co., Harrison, Hart, Hart, Junius, Hartford,Hartzell, Harvard, Harvey, C. C., Harwood, Hayea, Haynes, Haysey, Hazelton Bros., Hazelwood, Healy, Edw. B., Heintzman, Gerhard, Heinzman Piano Co., Heller, Henderson, Henkelman, Henning, Hensel, Heppe, C. J., & Son, Herbert, Herbert, Henry, Herrick, G. D., Hinze, Hoffman, Holland,Hollerbach, Holmes & Sons, Homer, Hospe, Howard, Howard, R. S., Hudson, Hughes & Son, Humana, Humbolt, Huntington, Huyler, Ideal, International, Interiola, Invisible, lrving, lrvington,Ivers & Pond, Iverson, Jacob Bros., Jacobson, James & Holstrom, Janssen, Jarrett, Jefferson, Jeffersonian, Jewell, Jewett, John Ralph, Johnson, E. P., Johnson, H. G., Jules, Edouard, Kaiser, Adolf, Karmann & Son, Kasselman, Kauffman, Kawai, Keepsake, Keller & Sons, Kelly, Kelso & Co., Kenmore, Kennedy, Kensington, Kershner, Kerzheim, Keystone, Kilbourne, Kimball, Kimball, Kimberly, Kindler-Collins, King. Arthur J., Kingsbury, Kingston, Kirchman, Kirchoff, L., Kirschner, Kleekamp Bros., Kline, Klomond & Nord, Knabe, Knight-Brinkerhoff, Knight-Campbell, Kohler, Chas., Kohler & Campbell, Kohler & Campbell, Koth-Bayer, Krakauer Bros., Kranich & Bach, Krehling, Kreiter, Kreiter, K. M., Krell, Kroeger, Kurtzheim, Kurtzmann, Lafayette, Laffargue, Lagonda, Lakeside, Lakewood, Langdon, Langelier, Lansing, LaRocca, Lauter-Humana, Laverne, Lawson, Lechner & Schoenberger, Leckerling, Lehr, Leiter, Leland, Lenox, Leonard, Leslie Bros., Lessing, Lester, Lexington, Lincoln, Lincolnola, Lindeman, Lindemann & Sons, Lindenberg, Lindsay, Lingard, Link & Son, Livingston, Llewelyn, Lockhart, Lockwood, Lohmann, Lord & Co., Lorraine, Love, Malcom, Lucien, Ludlow, Ludwig, Lyon & Healy, Lyra, Lyric, Macey & Camp, McPhail, Madelon, Madison, Majestic, Mansfield, Mallory, Manualo, Marbro-Wagner, Marcellus, Marclay, Marks, Carl, Marlowe, Marshall, Marshall & Rose,Marshall & Wendell, Marshall Piano Co., Marveola, Marville, Mason, Mason, Edw. P., Mason & Hamlin, Mason & Risch, Master, Mathushek, Matthews, Mauzy, Byron, Maxwell, Maynard, Maytona, Mehlin & Sons, Meister, Melbourne, Meldorf, Mellor, C. C., Mellotone, Mellotron, Melodigrand, Meloharp, Melostrelle, Melville/Clark, Mendelssohn, Mercer, Merriam, Merrill, Mervyn, Metalnola, Metz, Meyer & Son, Meyers, Miller, Henry F., Miller, S.W., Milner, Milton, Minipiano, Ministrelo, Minum, Modello, Monaghan, Monarch, Mono Player, Mueller &, Mueller & Haines, Murdoch, Murdoch,Musette, Musicale, Needham, Nelson, H. P., Nelson-Wiggin, Netzow, Nevin Newburn, Newby & Evans, Newcombe, Newman & Sons, Newmyer, Newton, Nilson & Co., Noll, Norland, Norman, Normandie, Norris, Chas., Norris, Geo. B., Norris & Hyde, Norwood, Oakland, Oktavek, Oliver, Opera, Orpheola, Orpheus, Otto,Ouvrier Bros,Packard, Painter & Ewing, Parklyn, Parkman, Paulus, Pearlman, Pease, Peek & Son, Perry, Perryola, Peter Pan, Phelps, Philharmonic, Phillips, H. L., Pianista, Pianola, Pickering, Piquett, Playernola, Playola, Playotone, Playtona, Plymouth, Poole, Poppenberg Bros., Porch Bros., Premier, Preston, Price & Teeple, Primatone, Princeton, Pullman, Purcell, Pureatone, Putnam, Radcliffe, Radle, Raper, John, Raudenbush & Sons, Raymond, Reed & Sons, Regal, Regent, Reichardt, Reinhard & Co., Reinhardt, Rembrandt, Remington, Repro-Phraso, Ricca & Son, Rice & Wuest Co., Richardson, Richmond, Roth Piano Co., Rothschild, Royal, Rudolf, Rushworth & Dreaper, Rythmodik, St. Regis, Salyer & Salyer, Sanders & Stayman, Sanford, Sargeant, Schaeffer, Schaaf, Adam, Schaff Bros., Schencke, Schiller, Schilling, Schirmer, Schleicher & Sons, Schmidt &Schulz, Schmidt-Dauber, Schmoller & Mueller, Schoeneberg & Rahn, Schomacker, Schrimer, Schriver, Schroeder, H., Schroeder Bros., Schubert, Schuler, Schulz, M., Schumann, Schutte Bros., Seaverns, Seeburg, Seeger, H.A., Segerstrom, Selmer, Settergren, Seybold, Shattinger, Shattuck, Shaw, Shearer, Shearington, Sherlock-Manning, Sherman, Clay & Co., Sherwood, Shoninger, Shorewood, Shutes, Singer, Smith & Barnes, Smith & Nixon, Smith Piano Co., Sohmer, Solo Concerto, Soloist, Solostyle, Solotone, Sohward, Standard, Standard Pneu. Action Co., Stanley & Sons, Starck, P. A., Starr, Steck, Geo., Steger, Steiff, Stein, Charles F., Steinbach, Steinbach & Dreher, Steinhauer,Steinert, Steinman & Son, Steinway & Sons, Stella,Stendell, Sterling, Sterlitone, Sting,Sting II, Stodart, Story & Clark, Strad, Stratford, Strathmore, Straube, Strauss, Strich & Zeidler, Strohber, Stroud, Stuart, Stultz & Bauer, Stultz & Co., Stuyvesant, Sweetland, Symphonia, Symphonola, Symphony, Symphotone, Taber, Technola, Tehge, Temple, Tennyson, Thayer Thiebes, Thompson, Tiffany, Tillinghast, Tonarch, Tonk, Wm., & Bros., Trayser, Triumph, Troubadour, Trowbridge, Tusch-Rymer, Twitchell, Tyier, Underwood, Underwood & Sons, Universal, Valentine, Vanguard, Victor, Victoria, Vingard,Violagrand, Virtuola, Voc-O-Tone, Vollmer, Vose & Sons, Vossler, Vough, Wade, Bryant E., Wadsworth, Wagner, Waldemar, Waldorf, Walters, Waltham, Walworth, Warde, C. 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