Maestro's Music International

Registered Craftsman Member, Piano Technicians Guild

This page is dedicated to the story behind Maestro's Music.

    Necessity is the mother of invention. In 1973 I bought my first piano while attending Oakland university compliments of Uncle Sam and the G.I. bill. An anemic budget made me quite frugal. So, instead of hiring a piano tuner, I became one. With the money it would have cost me to tune my piano, I purchased some tools and books. That was the beginning.
    I proceeded to practice tuning on my own Girard upright piano for the next year until I graduated with a B.A. in Dec. of 1974. Joining the Piano Technician’s Guild was the next logical step and proved to be a great move. It was with the PTG, that I began a “real-world” education. Learning about the intricacies of pianos, learning how to cultivate a client base and most importantly meeting key people in the industry.  
    McGuire Piano Service (the original name) began to grow. The idea of honing skills, building clients and meeting the movers and shakers of the industry proved to be a steady growth strategy.  
    The 80’s was a great decade for M.P.S. I took care of most of the recording studio pianos in southeast Michigan in addition to the private clients, schools and churches. We had already been rebuilding actions, restringing and contracting finishes.Through our esteemed local Steinway dealer, I became a Steinway concert piano tuner and voicer.  Business was so good, I found little time for my family and little time for myself. This stimulated me to make a major change in the business. Thus, “The Maestro’s Piano” was born.

  By the mid 90s, a nationwide network of re-builders, dealers, technicians and teachers was in place. I started buying and selling Steinway grand pianos both wholesale and retail. Now, “Maestro’s Music International” is our web site title. Our description is  buying, selling, restoration and consigning Steinway Grand Pianos.  
    Thank you for your business and support.
    Michael R McGuire RPT

The Maestro’s Music Mission:

Purpose: Our purpose is to provide affordable high quality musical instruments to artists, professionals, students, enthusiasts, investors and collectors.  

Values:    Our business is to preserve and enhance musical culture, the arts and enrich human life internationally.

               We are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

               We are dedicated to the highest level of craftsmanship and commit our efforts to serving our clients with excellence.

               We expect profits, but only from business that satisfies our clients needs and benefits society.

               We recognize that the ability to excel depends on integrity, knowledge, imagination, skill, diversity and teamwork. These qualities are highly valued.