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 If you’re searching for a Steinway grand piano your quest is over. At Maestro’s Music International we provide these investment grade instruments to professionals, students, enthusiast', investors and collectors. You can find restored Victorian Steinway grand pianos, modern Steinway grand pianos including late model Steinway grands in all sizes, ages and conditions.

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Rosewood Steinway Grand Piano model B replica of the Victorian Steinway Grand Piano of the Immortals. The heart of a piano is its cast iron harp or plate. Most Steinway grand pianos built before 1945 contain genuine Steinway harps that were cast in the Steinway foundry in New York. Harps in Steinways built more recently come from non-Steinway commercial foundries. We believe that harps from the New York Steinway foundry are the best harps ever made. These harps are found in most of our rebuilt pianos but are never found in new pianos.
Steinway grand pianos are considered to be among the finest pianos in the world. A well tuned, voiced and regulated Steinway can deliver an array of colors with dynamic control and ease in repetition as well as projection beyond other instruments in its price range. Furthermore, many experts in the piano industry agree that vintage Steinways with genuine Steinway cast iron PLATES (pre-1945) from the original genuine Steinway foundry, are considered the best Steinways when properly restored to their original condition.
The following image of the restored 1918 Art-Cased Steinway "B" was commissioned to Schmeig, Hungate & Kotsian by Steinway & Sons for Harry Harkness of the esteemed Harkness family. For information on Harry Harkness and the provenance of this unique Legendary Steinway, contact Michael McGuire RPT at Maestro's Music International.    

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